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Thermal Fogging in Paducah, Kentucky

When fires occur, the smell of smoke can be the most lasting damage. SERVPRO of Paducah uses many techniques to combat smoke damage. One such technique is thermal fogging - a process by which small particles are created to mimic smoke. These particles are deodorized and get into tiny spaces (fabric, cracks in walls, etc) where smoke particles might have been absorbed. The above images shows thermal fogging being used in a church where a small fire began and created significant smoke damage.

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Water Damage at Local Assisted Living Facility

At SERVPRO of Paducah we understand the importance of getting your home or business back to working order as quick as possible. When SERVPRO of Paducah got the call about a water loss at this assisted living facility, crew members responded immediately to ensure residents would be as unaffected as possible. 

Crew Member at Work in Flooded Church

Severe weather it the area and caused a tree to fall on the roof of this church. The hole allowed water to come in and saturate the carpet and some walls. This image shows a SERVPRO of Paducah crew member hard at work to quickly dry the church.

Flooded Church

Members of this church in Paducah, KY arrived to water in the parking lot, even though it had not rained in several days. They opened the church doors to find standing water throughout the halls and the sanctuary. SERVPRO of Paducah rushed to the job to help get the church back in working order!

Arson Fire at Local Apartment

Though damage to the outside of this local apartment does not appear to be significant, interior damage was severe. A window was broken in and a fire was set behind the couch (the window can be seen in this image.) SERVPRO of Paducah swiftly responded to the scene and has since remedied the interior and exterior damage.