Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Paducah Storm Causes Damage

Paducah tends to face bad storms throughout the year. When damaging winds came through the area a large tree fell on this home, damaging it servery. SERVPRO of Paducah rushed to the scene and got to work. They took the right steps and proper precautions to remove the tree without causing any additional damage to the home. SERVPRO of Paducah responds quickly and will help in every way that they can.

If you experience a storm event of any kind and need help, call SERVPRO of Paducah.

Tornado in Mayfield, KY

Paducah and Mayfield, Kentucky are situated on the edge of "Tornado Alley" and have been known to experience strong storms. When a tornado came through the area and severely damaged this home, SERVPRO of Paducah rushed to the scene. The crew quickly secured the contents in order to save them from further harm.

If you experience a storm event of any kind and need help, call SERVPRO of Paducah.

Tornado Damage

There is very little we can do to change the mind of mother nature. Unfortunately this home was in her path when a tornado came through the area. During such events, SERVPRO of Paducah understands the necessity to respond promptly and efficiently to secure contents from further damage.

What Happens When a Tree Falls On Your Roof?

At SERVPRO of Paducah we see a surprising number of incidents where a tree falls on a roof and causes significant damage. Often in these events more damage occurs because rain is allowed in. When SERVPRO of Paducah responds to roof damages, we quickly rush to the scene to tarp it off, keeping the home or business from further harm.

Storm Damage in Paducah, KY

Paducah, KY has been known to experience dramatic weather events, from ice storms to tornadoes. While some residents are unscathed after these events, others are left to deal with the consequences. When a tree fell on this roof after a strong wind event, SERVPRO of Paducah responded promptly, ensuring no further damage could occur.

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